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As part of VivaTech’s  Afric@Tech focus this year, we are thrilled to once again partner with Africarena, a major and innovative player in the ecosystem development of the continent. Our partnership, and this challenge specifically, is aiming at supporting and promoting more startups from the African continent and paying tribute to the vibrant energy of Africa’s promising entrepreneurial ecosystem.


VivaTech Startup Challenges offers a platform for startups and established companies to work together to create a shared future. Startups are invited to come up with innovative responses to challenges proposed by some of the world’s leading businesses. Get the chance to meet top corporates and scale your business with them at VivaTech. Open-Innovation is even more important in this actual context. VivaTech and all its corporate partners will get through the all Challenges processes with startups.

Here's what we expect:
1. Startups from Early Stage to Series A

2. The company has to be incorporated and operate in Africa

3. The solution has to be innovative, leveraging technology to address the problem statement.



VivaTech breaks down the traditional barriers between grassroots innovators and global leaders. For the fifth year, our Labs connect startups and established companies for thematic and high-energy open innovation. VivaTech is also a unique opportunity to discover the future by experiencing new products and demonstrations such as autonomous vehicles, connected factories, and shopping experiences.

Submission Requirements


For this challenge we will consider:

> Startups based/or operating in Africa


> Existing product/service (Minimum Viable Product), and market traction.

> Seed to Series A startups.


Deck pitch: 10 slides max (ppt, pdf) - MAX 50 Megabytes

Last day of submission: Friday 28th October 2021.

Submit to Win

Prizes & rewards



for finalists tickets for VivaTech 2022 + tickets to certain dedicated Africa side events referenced by VivaTech


For the Winner:

There will be the financing of a plane ticket, 3 days accommodation, and participation in a learning expedition of the French Tech ecosystem