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Air France KLM Group is one of the world's largest air carriers by revenue and passengers transported. Air France KLM is a leading global player in its three main areas of activity: passenger transport, cargo transport and aircraft maintenance. From its hubs at Paris and Amsterdam, the Group operates flights to 312 destinations and 116 countries. Air France KLM is a founding member of the SkyTeam global alliance, alongside Korean Air, Aeromexico and Delta.


The Air France KLM Group is looking for African startups that have an innovative solution related to:

  • Water analysis
  • Water purification


Context: On all its flights, the Air France KLM Group is committed to guaranteeing its customers the quality of onboard services, including the water used to prepare hot drinks; rigorous standards are defined to avoid any health risks.

Problem: The Air France KLM Group is trying to enhance the current method that ensures quality water for its customers, by refilling its aircraft directly in the African airports. For this, the Group needs to be sure that the onboarded water complies with its strict standards.

Solution sought: This is why the Air France KLM Group would like to find a unique, innovative solution, or a decisive part of it, which would allow the group to use local water to guarantee, at the airport, the carriage of water complying with the standards set by the Group, in all our destinations in Africa.

The solution has to be innovative and has to include the following points :

  • Analyses  and/or purifies water thanks to a creative and scalable solution to guarantee its quality
  • Be scalable across the different airports (e.g. IoT device)
  • Be used in an environment such as an airport ground and/or onboarded into the aircraft
  • Be able to filter and/or analyse 500L of water in a few hours

The solution must be able to be integrated into the processing of an aircraft at the airport or upstream of the water supply process. If possible, the solution will have a sustainable approach (e.g using clean energy).

As a rough guide, the volume of water required for a long-haul aircraft flight is around 500 litres, which also makes it possible to envisage mobile solutions (rolling stock, etc.).

Submission Requirements


Startups must be based or mainly operating in Africa.


Less than 8 years of existence

Pre-Seed /// Seed /// Series A /// Series B


(Required) Pitch deck: 12 slides max (pdf, ppt) - max 50mo

Last day of submission: 4th of October 2020

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