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We are sourcing SmartCity solutions operating in the following sectors:

— Mobility and Transport

— Energy and Environment

— Security and Resilience

— Urban and Spatial planning

— Open Data and Data Management


Come help us develop the world of tomorrow!


Understanding of the market: you know the context you want to work in or to disrupt.

Maturity of the project: At least already one customer / POC

Innovating nature of your offer: Digital platforms may use many technologies or new uses (AI, cloud services, IOT, sensors, SaaS, community management…), explain us which one makes your offer exceptional

Quality of the team: your team skills match with the ambition of your project

Synergies with VINCI Energies: explain us the partnership you would like to develop with us !


A major concern for our customers is: how is Vinci Energies contributing to smarter and safer buildings, industries and/or cities?

As a startup, how does your knowledge of your market PLUS your tech-based platform help Vinci Energies address this concern?

Submit to Win

Submission Requirements

Prizes & rewards


Introduction to VINCI Energies local deciders (regarding the startup markets)

Presentation to our Selection Committee for our Corporate Fund Programme (Inerbiz) or our POC Acceleration Programme (Energize)


*For the three selected startups*

Pitching workshops

Pitch in the Arena at the event 

Privileged contact with investors & VCs