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Founded in 1933, Air France is the number one French airline and, together with KLM, one of the world's largest air carriers by revenue and passengers transported. Air France is a leading global player in its three main areas of activity: passenger transport, cargo transport and aircraft maintenance. From its hubs at Paris-Orly and Paris-Charles de Gaulle airports, the airline operates flights to 195 destinations and 91 countries. Air France is a founding member of the SkyTeam global alliance, alongside Korean Air, Aeromexico and Delta.


Today internet is everywhere, even in aircrafts! We are currently equipping our fleet with onboard Wi-Fi (already 40 today)! Our goal is to have our entire fleet connected by the end of 2020. With Wi-Fi arriving on our aircrafts, it creates new entertainment possibilities to enrich customer’s experience on board.


Air France is looking for startups that : 


- Has proven skills in entertainment / gaming

- Develop a gaming experience that can be implemented with actual Wi-Fi constrains

- Are creative and innovative ! 


The gaming industry is moving very fast, creating new ways of playing. More and more people are playing games through their smartphone and tablets. We believe that personal devices are today the best way to offer a new gaming experience.


That is why, we would like to offer passengers on all connected aircrafts the possibility to play online against other players with their own devices. We are looking for the best innovative game!


Type of game : suitable for everybody, simple game's rules, create emulation and make passengers want to be the best player!



Technical information that you should know :

- In-flight connectivity is slower than on the ground (limited bandwidth

- There is an important latency: 700-900ms (counted double when gaming between different flights)

- We sometimes encounter drops in service due to satellite switch

- However, we have the ability to store the game on an onboard server which can solve the satellite connexion's issues

- We would like the game to be played on smartphones and tablets

Submission Requirements


Only startups can participate in this challenge, meaning:

Innovative solution or service

Less than 5 years of existence

Early-stage // Seed-stage company


Deck pitch: 8 slides max (ppt, pdf) - MAX 50 Megabytes

Last day of submission: 25th of September 

Submit to Win

Prizes & rewards


Air France will e-accompany and e-advise the winner on any business problematics you may have, 2 hours per month over a year. The winning start-up will also be part of the Flying Blue program: crowdfunding of miles. Air France passengers can offer you miles to enable your international development (plane tickets and more)!


*For the selected startups*

Pitch in the Arena at the event 

Privileged contact with the best investors & VCs in the world


*For the three selected startups*

FREE VIP entrance to the event

FREE flight ticket to Cape Town 

FREE accommodation in Cape Town